MS Hydro

We provide expert assistance and creative solutions, applying the latest knowledge in the field of architectural and engineering services.

The main activity is the design of buildings, civil engineering and hydro phase.


Fields of activity

A detailed, quality and timely plan is the cornerstone of any successful business, therefore, we can offer you services and support in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, and hydraulic engineering.

Development of conceptual designs, development of main designs, 3D visualizations, interior and exterior renders.

Main and regional roads, road maintenance and protection, highways, bridges, external arrangements, 3D model, tunnels, landslides, excavations, cuts, securing construction pits and landfills.

Development of construction design, reinforcement plans, workshop documentation of steel structures, 3D model.

Water and sewage network, reservoirs, pools, hydrant system, river regulation adn flood defence, design and procurement of pump, embankments, pumping stations.


An effective and efficient organization is more than an essential factor for the successful development and implementation of each individual and capital project.
Preparation of technical documentation

Preliminary and final design in architecture, construction design, civil engineering and hydraulic engineering.

strucni nadzor
Professional and design supervision

In addition to the preparation of technical documentation, we also perform professional supervision for civil engineering, hydraulic engineering and building construction.

konsultantske usluge
Expert consulting

Our engineering team offer overall technical and proffesional support from design phase till construction phase.

Revision of technical documentation

We revise technical documentation prepared by other legal entities authorized to produce such documentation.

Our portfolio


Dedicated and quality work can be noticed at first sight. These are our best references and a basic indicator of the quality of service we offer to our clients.