Architecture is the science and art of designing and shaping interior space (interior) and exterior space (exterior), where the needs of users for a given architectural space are put in the first place, which brings us to the project task. The project task is made after a conversation with the investor and together with the sketches and location conditions enables the creation of a conceptual solution which is a key phase in the design and the basis for further development of the project. Location conditions help us to place everything we design in a specific spatial framework, where architects in accordance with regulations, the wishes of investors create an architectural object / architectural space with the aim to maximize the natural potential of space to meet all environmental, technological, constructive, economic as and aesthetic aspects. The conceptual solution represents the synthesis of the concept and the project program into the most favorable variant of the possible ones. This is followed by further elaboration into the main project. In addition to creating the conceptual solution and the main one, the architects create 3D visualization in order to bring the solutions closer to the investor. Whether it is exterior or interior rendering or animations, we offer high level quality.


Preparation of technical documentation in the field of architecture includes:

  • Preliminary design
  • Final design
  • Interior and exterior renders