Construction design

In cooperation with architects, electrical and mechanical engineers and on the basis of their designs, we prepare construction projects, blueprints and calculations that are the basis for the development of major projects and projects for the construction of residential, commercial and infrastructural facilities.Using the Architectural Project and the Construction Project, drawings of other participants in the project, comments and other relevant information related to each individual project, we create reinforcement plans and 3D model of reinforcement and formwork for beams, columns, slabs and walls cast on site (monolithic structures) and prefabricated elements.In addition to the already existing services, this makes up the entire package of services in the preparation of technical documentation in the construction industry. The production of details of steel structures is performed in close cooperation with architects and designers of structures and based on their designs, detailed plans, drawings and other documentation are made for contractors, manufacturers of steel structures and installers.

Technical and planning documentation in the field of construction design includes:

  • Preparation of workshop documentation for steel structures
  • Reinforcement plans abd 3D model
  • Formwork plans
  • Preparation of workshop documentation for steel structures